HFB Perth Likes…Mia Birdsong!

“The Story We Tell About Poverty Isn’t True” by Mia Birdsong is on our radar this month, bringing much-needed insight to the people that struggle on an everyday basis. Their lives, efforts and ventures that shatter preconceived notions of living in poverty, hard work, success and privilege.

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Salaams from the Halal Food Bank – Perth Team 🙂

Nafisa & Sabrah Attend the Wellbeing Expo (Sep 2015)

It was the Wellbeing Expo that brought Nafisa and I along to Wilson Hall on a Tuesday morning in September. We arrived eager to meet, greet and enlighten the attendees about the work that goes on at Halal Food Bank. The expo was hosted by Richmon12045222_452085814999718_7119787208501677967_od Wellbeing. It showcased services offered by ASSETS, Reach Out, the Muslim Women’s Support Centre and the Richmond Fellowship themselves to individuals and families requiring assistance to maintain their physical and mental health. We were lucky enough to have a stall right next to these agencies.

As Halal Food Bank’s role is to provide food to families and individuals who are unable to access safe, nutritious and culturally appropriate food, we felt that our presence was quite fitting for the event.

In our short time at the expo we learned about the tireless work of staff in service agencies. In a highly summarised view, here’s what they do:

  • Richmond Wellbeing is a leading organisation that supports those who have a diagnosable mental illness.
  • MWSC WA (Inc) is a specialised agency within the Muslim community that works to promote better health, self-esteem, personal and spiritual growth in addition to the general well-being of Muslim women and their families.
  • ASeTTS provides services to those who have experienced difficulties in the process of migrating to Australia from places of turmoil.
  • Headspace is the National Youth Mental Health Foundation that provides early intervention through mental health services to 12-25 year olds.

Incredibly, we also received enough donations to fill our whole box. It was definitely worth taking some time out from our uni schedules to get out into the community and find out what other services agencies do.

The guys at the Fellowship really did an amazing job with the expo. They organised an animal farm for the kids (though Nafisa and I really loved this part!), delicious fruit kebabs, hand massages (omg!) and henna stalls. We also received a goody bag each that had loads of information about the representing organisations. I also really appreciated that the content of the expo catered to diverse ages and backgrounds.

A huge thanks to the staff at Richmond Wellbeing and the Muslim Women’s Support Centre for organising such a beneficial community-orientated event and for allowing us to participate. Keep checking in with the team to see where we’re off to next!

Bye for now,

Sabrah and Nafisa
(Curtin Reps, HFB Perth)

The Point Rep Playoffs Are Coming!

It’s no secret that we like a little bit of healthy competition here at HFB – Perth. We like it so much that two of our Collection Point Reps (Nicole and Nomaan who represent the Mirrabooka and Padbury collection points, respectively) kicked off a Donation Derby and competed two months in a row to see who could collect the most donations.

The time that Padbury absolutely dominated in the donation department.
The time that Padbury absolutely dominated in the donation department.

(We also may like a little bit of alliteration around here if the captions are anything to go by.)

The time that Mirrabooka made March magnificent.
The time that Mirrabooka made March magnificent.

This homegrown rivalry known as the Donation Derby then gave rise to the Point Rep Playoffs. On the 4th of October 2015 at Padbury Mosque, HFB – Perth will be hosting a packing competition between the two Collection Point Rep’s that brought the Donation Derby to life.

Will you be supporting #TeamNicole?

Or #TeamNomaan?

Come down and join us! All are welcome – check out the event page here!

Until next time,

Salaams from the Halal Food Bank – Perth Team 🙂

“Poverty in Perth?” | Why We Exist


Now that we’ve become acquainted with one another (and we’ve slowly gotten the hang of WordPress!), let’s get onto why we exist. We’ve told you who we are and what we do, but why do we do it? What purpose does the HFB serve here in Perth – or even in wider Australia, I’m sure you – or someone you know – may ask? Is there even a purpose?

Surely there aren’t any people in “real” need here. Nobody is going hungry or is unsure of how they’re going to make ends meet this month with the rent, groceries and electricity bill, right?

Well, according to the Australian Institute of Family Studies, an estimated 1.2 million Australians live with no idea of when the next meal will come. That’s nearly 1 in 20. Whether it be due to an unstable income, lack of nutritional knowledge, rising cost of housing and living (and an array of other circumstances and issues), 1 in 20 people struggle with obtaining regular access to food. Foodbank WA provides food to over 55, 000 people every month with demand increasing rather than decreasing every year and…”there’s poverty in Perth?”

Unfortunately, often is the case that the 1 in 20 are either not known about at all, forgotten or reduced to mere faceless statistics and it’s important to remember that the struggling are real people. Real individuals and families just trying to make ends meet. Living in poverty means living in a highly subjective state, unique to each person and their situation – and it’s never the black and white image that many of us hold. Rather, it is one of varying shades of grey, painting the picture of what it looks like to be an Australian living poverty.

The bottom line is: the HFB exists because it is needed.

In 2015, HFB Perth hit an average target of packing 100 boxes of food every month – even exceeding 100 a few times. During the month of Ramadan we ran two packing days and, with the generous support of our amazing community, managed 200 boxes in one month! Managing this only further exemplified that it isn’t far-fetched to think that we can do it every month – possibly even exceeding 200 boxes.

We believe that its our duty to go above and beyond to help in any way that we can and if you are interested in making a donation to the HFB (and yes, even small things like one packet of 1kg rice or flour does make a difference) please refer to our Facebook page or email hfbperth@gmail.com for more information.

Also, please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in getting involved with the team in any capacity, or if you have any questions.

Until next time,

Salaams from the Halal Food Bank – Perth Team 🙂