Say Hello to Marianne!

Our first ever ambassador needs no introduction. This phenomenal lady has been a part of the HFB family since Ramadan 2015. She is a full-time mother to our poster children (you know the ones) and probably the biggest Dockers supporter in WA.

Marianne collects donations at her children’s 1488119914253primary school: Al-Hidayah Islamic School in Bentley.

“The school collects each month as a part of its community engagement program. The lower grades collect one month, the upper grades the following month. Any shortfall is usually made up by others in my circle of friends as well as my mother, mother-in-law and our brothers at the masjid.”

Marianne champions the notion of leading by example within the community and her family.

“I was motivated to join HFB because I wanted to do some community work with my family…I wanted to develop the desire and eagerness within my children to need to help others less fortunate than themselves – to show them that charity is more than just putting money in a box. It involves physical effort and sacrifice of our time but the results are worth every bit. There is always someone in need of help [and] everyone deserves to be happy, healthy and safe.”

Check out what else Marianne had to say about her role below!

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Meet the Ambassadors!

Hi Perth!  We are about to launch our Meet the Ambassador series.

Similar to our Meet the Team series, it’s important that you get to know the heavy hitters behind this project. The Ambassadors!

The Halal Food Bank – Ambassador program was designed to let people find creative ways of contributing to the project. Made up of working women, full time mums and part time both, our Ambassadors overwhelm us with their commitment to the project.

It’s not a stretch to say that our Ambassadors are some of the hardest working, over committed yet relentlessly giving people we have had the privilege of meeting. Each month our Ambassador team brings cars full of donations collected over the month. Their efforts have helped us pack support more families with food boxes.

This year, we want you to meet the amazing people who, despite significant ‘life overheads’ continue to make our project successful. Watch this space!

If you’re keen to find out more about the program, or you wish to sign up as well simply  in the form below 🙂



HFB Perth Likes…Dalia Mogahed!

Our team prides itself on our energy. We’ve got plenty of it.

It wasn’t until this lovely reading of Surat Mudatthir (The Cloaked One) by Dalia Mogahed did I reflect on this trait of ours.

While this talk is primarily aimed at MSA members (Muslim Student Association) and their role in the public eye, there are many gems to be found if you’re involved in any sort of community work, as we are.

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Being Busy Bees & the Big 130 | MAR-APR Wrap Up

We are on the brink of June yet we still get together as a team and talk about how exhausted we are from March and April. The past couple of months have been a whirlwind of events, promo and new endeavours. To save you the trouble of having to read through it all, we spent a lot of time documenting the past couple of months in photographs and videos. Enjoy!

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