Say Hello to Husna!

Our ambassadors are constantly going above and beyond for us.


Husna is a part of Perth’s Indonesian community and has been a part of the HFB family for a year. She started out as a packing day volunteer but then took on the role of ambassador when Sr. Niniel (a former ambassador) moved interstate.

Every month she coordinates her community to collect, pick up and drop off donations – essentially running her own mini-HFB complete even with her own ambassadors.

To understand just how awesome Husna and the Indonesian community are, simply note down the fact that instead of raising the minimum of 5 food boxes in March…they collected 24 boxes worth of food!

Find out more about Husna and her experience as an ambassador below!

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Say Hello to Nariman!

1490715942590Our ambassadors are powerhouses.

Nariman joined as an ambassador in 2016. She is a part-time registered nurse and a full-time mother and wife.

“I wanted to give something back to the society and I wanted my kids and family to be involved in it. I believe it is very easy to donate money but dedicating your time and energy is something different.”

Nariman gathers a group of her close friends who pitch in to shop and sponsor over five full boxes of food every month. On top of that, she uses her role as an ambassador to educate her children.

“I wanted my kids to know the meaning of contributing to society and to help others in need. Not just by giving money but also by taking part in activities and volunteering.”

Find out more about Nariman and her experience as an ambassador below!

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Say Hello to Jenna!

Our ambassadors are some of the strongest players in our project, spreading the word and championing this cause within their communities.1488120421057
Jenna is a mother of four and works part-time at Breastscreen WA. As well as being involved in her children’s school as a P&F member and Canteen Mum, Jenna uses her role as an ambassador to encourage kids and adults alike to get involved in the community.

“I thought it would be a good opportunity to encourage the kids at LIC to learn to help others and contribute to their community. Personally it is important to give back to those in need within our community. The Prophet (SWS) said, “You will not believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.” An-Nawaawi says that “brother” is in humanity, not just in faith.”

Jenna and her children are regular packing day volunteers and she collects her required boxes every month through Langford Islamic College.

Find out more about Jenna and her experience as an ambassador below!

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Watch this space over the next couple of months to meet the rest of our ambassadors.

Meet the Ambassadors!

Hi Perth!  We are about to launch our Meet the Ambassador series.

Similar to our Meet the Team series, it’s important that you get to know the heavy hitters behind this project. The Ambassadors!

The Halal Food Bank – Ambassador program was designed to let people find creative ways of contributing to the project. Made up of working women, full time mums and part time both, our Ambassadors overwhelm us with their commitment to the project.

It’s not a stretch to say that our Ambassadors are some of the hardest working, over committed yet relentlessly giving people we have had the privilege of meeting. Each month our Ambassador team brings cars full of donations collected over the month. Their efforts have helped us pack support more families with food boxes.

This year, we want you to meet the amazing people who, despite significant ‘life overheads’ continue to make our project successful. Watch this space!

If you’re keen to find out more about the program, or you wish to sign up as well simply  in the form below 🙂



“Walking with the Vulnerable” | Meet Tori from Ruah

Tori Ruah


The most frequently asked question to our project is: “Where do your food boxes go?”

What underlies this question is a genuine curiosity around poverty and disadvantage in Perth.

In February we were lucky enough to host Tori Cooke, Manager of Family and Justice Services from our partner agency, Ruah. Tori got insight into what we do and was able to shed some light on how our food boxes are used.

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HFB Perth Likes…Dalia Mogahed!

Our team prides itself on our energy. We’ve got plenty of it.

It wasn’t until this lovely reading of Surat Mudatthir (The Cloaked One) by Dalia Mogahed did I reflect on this trait of ours.

While this talk is primarily aimed at MSA members (Muslim Student Association) and their role in the public eye, there are many gems to be found if you’re involved in any sort of community work, as we are.

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