The Gratitude Wall has arrived!

When we first moved into our new premises at AIC-Kewdale, we were inspired by the wall art left over from the students at the school.

There was a koala sticker and a heart sticker on a white wall which became central to our creative process. We started talking about how we could best use ‘the wall with the heart’. Soon that idea lent itself to another. Instead of just making use of the aesthetics to enhance our photos, why not make use of the space to enhance the spirit of our project?

What is that spirit? Gratitude.

We are grateful for being able to provide food for people in need. We try to keep this gratitude at the forefront of all our actions, from marketing to one-on-one interactions with each other.

As the project started to grow, the tension of doing more, with more people became obvious. The stress of trying to hit a deadline, or coordinate a large distributed team is very real. But it doesn’t have to demotivate.

It was time to regroup.

The white walls of our new space were just the trick! I decided to utilise the space to start a dialogue with our volunteers. I wanted to ask our volunteers to share what they’re grateful for. We would take their messages and create a Gratitude Wall that served as a constant reminder to take a moment for reflection.

To reflect on all the good things in our lives; like friends, family or a smiley face on our daily take away coffee.

I wanted to create an opportunity for everyone involved in the project to reflect on our blessings, like good health and the ability to nourish our bodies.

Lastly, it is important for each of us to reflect on how far we’ve come in our personal journeys during our time in this project. If I sit down to note all of the ways in which I have personally benefited, I’d be sitting for a long time!

Having a wall of notes full of what other people are grateful for was a tangible way to start the practice of counting our blessings. For those who do this regularly, it would become a way to cement the habit.

Now coming up with the idea and executing it are 2 completely separate things. I think we first talked about this as a group at the start of the year. 5 months later, Medina found an opportunity to execute it during our biggest packing day in 2017.  Because sometimes it takes that long to action good ideas. Thanks Medina!

The response was huge!

Just reading these puts a smile on my face. There’s such a diversity of experience documented here. Some of these are from kids as young as 8. Definitely a great reminder to count our blessings.

Before I leave you today, I want to ask:

What are you grateful for today? 

Postscript: There are many ways of developing a gratitude wall. The one we selected was posted by Instragramer @amandavonp. Thanks Amanda! And thanks Liana for the find 🙂

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