When the HSP met HFB!

I think I can speak for the entire team here at the HFB when I say that we didn’t think that HSPs (Halal Snack Packs) would make their way into our operations. I mean, we were aware of them, we’d joked about them here and there but it certainly played a very minimal part in our lives until Gemma Black came along.

In case you were unaware, the HSP has been the subject of memes galore over the past year; I’m sure everyone had a laugh at the ridiculousness of Pauline Hanson being offered one on live TV.

But when Labor MP Anne Aly wore a tiny HSP pin to Parliament, it was pandemonium in the world of the HSP meme.

These cute pins are produced by Gemma Black, a creative genius who toys with crafty products of all sorts – see her Etsy shop.

Gemma sent us a message through our Facebook page a couple of months ago expressing her interest in volunteering and donating – a gesture we always greatly appreciate receiving. However, when she mentioned that she would like to donate all of the proceeds from her sales of the HSP pin – that really swept us off of our feet.

(The question, “is this for real?” may have been thrown around a couple of times so we caught up with Gemma to find out! Over a bowl of shoestring fries we found out more about Gemma’s Etsy enterprise.)


Gemma sponsored 20 boxes of food and even attended our October packing day to help out!

Check out what she had to say in the video feature below and get to know a little bit more about this superstar in our community.

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