Meet the Team! | HFB Perth 2016

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Maryam is our coordinator of the Halal Food Bank – Perth. In her own words, she explains her motivation behind bringing the project to Perth:

“I got involved in community work because I genuinely believe in being the change we wish to see in the world. I want my kids to grow up in a world that cares about vulnerable people. We can’t expect governments to have all the solutions for the  many and complicated social issues that affect everyday people. We, the community, are each other’s support and each other’s cure. Food plays a big role in my life. I don’t just get hangry if I haven’t eaten, I get sick! My body literally starts to react to a lack of food in a negative way. In that moment, as awful as I feel, I know that sustenance isn’t far. I think about someone who doesn’t have that comfort and I shudder. A lack of food ultimately leads to a lack of safety and a lack of safety leads to a myriad negative consequences. For me, food security is a basic human right. If I have enough today it means I have to share it with people who don’t. No one is guaranteed a future free of worry, hardship or prosperity. We have to look out for each other and try and do what we can to make our communities kinder.”

Maryam is the third of four sisters and loves watching murder mysteries. Her love for words is equalled by an embarrassing grasp of numbers. One day she hopes to become the kind of person who is never late to anything. Inshallah.


Zainab is our official Research and Admin Officer and a HFB – Perth veteran. Born in Tutong, she is a Public Health geek currently working in Disease Prevention. Zainab is obsessed with Islamic geometry and loves going on long walks and drinking chai.



Dane is our Packing Day Coordinator and a Civil Earthworks Supervisor by trade. Another HFB – Perth veteran, he lived in the Abrolhos Islands as a kid. He managed to organise and get married within a week and still plays video games.


Liana is our Inventory Coordinator and all-round Creative Controller. She runs our Instagram page and almost everything pretty on our social media can be traced back to her. She has been able to do American sign language since the age of 10 and you will almost always find her on Instagram (shameless plug: @lianaroslan).


Nomaan manages both our Al-Hidayah Centre and Padbury collection points. He is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at Curtin and is a major photography buff. He has always wanted to be a race car driver and now he is living the dream…as a delivery driver for HFB – Perth.


Nicole is our Mirrabooka Collection Point Rep who is studying to be a teacher. She loves to read classics – the older, the better – and is a total gym junkie. She dreams to one day own a pygmy goat.


Medina is our resident writer and videographer, managing both our blog and YouTube channel. She is a Curtin University graduate who loves to read. She is a major theatre geek and takes the fact that she is a Gryffindor very seriously.


Sabrah is our Curtin Collection Point Rep and is currently undertaking a Masters of Dietetics. Her name translates to ‘patience’ and she is a self-described workaholic. Also, watches are her weakness. Seriously, she’s obsessed.



Rizal is our Thornlie Collection Point Rep and is currently studying a Bachelor of Science in Laboratory Medicine. He definitely does not look his age, loves photography and was a total entrepreneur in high school where he made money by selling other kids sweets!

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