Planning, Packing & Peers | JAN-FEB Wrap Up

Are you as surprised as I am that we’ve already stumbled upon March? Because even though I’m about to take you through the wrap up, a small part of me wonders whether or not I was present or if the whirlwind that is 2016 got the better of me (in the best possible way, of course)!



We kicked off the year with a BBQ hosted by the awesome team at the Muslim Social and Sports Association (MSSA). Along with the warmest of welcomes and great laughs, they were even kind enough to use their event as a fundraiser for our project. This got us off to a great start as we raised the target goal of packing 130 boxes a month.

Though we only managed to pack 70 boxes in January, we are still incredibly grateful. This only spurs us on to work harder to raise awareness of the project and meet our goals.

If you’ve been following these blog posts, I have possibly already typed your ear off about 2016 and our constant planning. IMG_3475

…Well, this is going to be no different because we spent the better part of January and February planning! Our calendar is now absolutely packed – we have so many events upcoming that we have mused that we may possibly start getting sick of each other very, very soon.

The boys – led by Rizal – have been working out the details of HFB’s presence at a fete hosted by Australian Islamic College (Thornlie) on the 5th of March. We’ll be holding a sausage sizzle and will be around for a chat, so please do come down to see us and grab a bite.

The girls have been getting together in coffee shop after coffee shop preparing for our Ladies Afternoon Tea that is to be hosted the day after the fete on the 6th of March. This is our opportunity to thank the lovely community of ladies in Perth who work so hard to spread the word and get donations in each month.

12647448_489661894575443_7277512992047497998_nWe will be having speakers from some of our service agencies coming down and this will also mark the launch of our Ambassadors Program. In 2016, HFB – Perth aims to get the wider community involved with the project by initiating this program which will invite people all around Perth to take on the role as a HFB Ambassador.

This person will take on the responsibility of thinking outside of the box and using their own creative whims to fundraise for the HFB and get the word out there.

Our first official Ambassador is Sr. Niniel from the Indonesian Muslim Association who attended our February packing day and helped us pack an amazing 110 boxes!

Other HFB Ambassadors include the wonderful Aunty Nabs, Zubaida and Shireen along with their phenomenal group of friends who have been so constant in their fundraising and support of the project.


This packing day just gone also presented us with the opportunity to meet and work with the wonderful brothers from the Homeless Run Perth. They came down and met the team before getting to work in packing up those boxes – led by our Inventory/Packing Day Coordinator-In-Training, Khaleel!


These brothers brought with them laughs, a great spirit and truly humbling words about our project. Incredible is their organisation which works with the homeless, some of the most vulnerable in our society. The Homeless Run Perth go out into the city every Friday night and provide the homeless of Perth with food and conversation, emanating the true nature of Islam and what it means to take care of those less fortunate than yourself.

Alhamdulillah, these past two months have been busy and the year is to get busier yet!

But we’re ready. Bismillah.

Check out the brilliant people at the MSSA & Homeless Run Perth and you can find all relevant HFB info here.



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